Now that vacation rentals are open, what should I be aware of before I head out on vacation?

While we are all excited that vacation rentals in North Carolina & South Carolina are open, whether you are heading to the beach or the mountains there are some things you normally would not consider in preparing for your vacation that you need to take into account. We are in unprecedented times and there may be complications to travel in light of COVID-19. But proper preparation can make your vacation much more enjoyable.

Protective masks:

There may be some requirements for wearing protective masks in some areas, and some retailers may require they be worn inside their stores. Be sure to bring your protective masks with you when traveling or shopping.


As you drive to your vacation destination please remember that some rest areas may not be open along your route. We recommend checking traffic conditions, road closures and rest area closures before you leave. If you are flying to your vacation destination be alert for flight cancellations or delays.

Local Restrictions:

While the state may have relaxed restrictions on travel and vacation rentals, some local governments may had tighter restrictions than the state. Please check with the town where you will be vacationing to see what restrictions may be in place for your vacation.


There may be shortages of some products in stores, and since you may not be able to find the following in some stores we recommend you bring these items with you for your vacation. 

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sanitizer wipes
  • Bleach
  • Sanitizing spray

With vacationers joining local residents at the stores in vacation areas, grocery stores may be stretched to the limit and restrict how many shoppers may be in the store at a time. We recommend, if possible, that you also bring as much of your groceries as possible with you for your vacation. While we understand there are some items you cannot bring with you because of refrigeration issues, it is best you bring what you can from home.

Everyone deserves something to look forward to, and will need a break to reconnect with one another when this situation resolves itself. There are vacation options throughout North & South Carolina, and we hope Carolina Vacation Home Rentals can play a role in your family’s next great vacation, whenever that may be.

What can I do if my reservation is affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Here are some tips for handling current or future reservations:

What you can do after booking

  • If you are currently on vacation in an area affected by travel restrictions, please check your trip details for safety information and local emergency numbers, and follow recommendations from local authorities.
  • Review your rental agreement and travel insurance policies. Please review your rental agreement to determine what the cancellation / re-booking policy is for the home you booked. If you purchased travel insurance (which we always recommend), review the conditions in which a cancellation may be covered. Not all insurance policies are the same so it is important for you to understand what coverage you have.
  • Reach out to the owner. Homeowners and property managers who list their homes on Carolina Vacation Home Rentals each have their own cancellation policies. We have never required any of them to adopt a cookie cutter policy and do not regulate what their policies are. We encourage you to try to work out exceptions to their policies with them, but please keep in mind that they may not be able to have the flexibility due to financial or other concerns.
  • If you purchased travel insurance, contact the insurance company directly with any questions regarding coverage.
  • If you booked with a credit card, contact your financial institution to see if travel insurance is provided and what it covers.

What you should do before booking

  • Review local travel recommendations and restrictions for your destination in addition to following guidance from the World Health Organization.
  • Review the property's cancellation policies. Homeowners and property managers each have their own polices for cancellations and refunds. You can find the owner's refund policy on their property page.
  • Consider purchasing travel insurance which may provide coverage for illness due to COVID-19 should you be diagnosed and prevented from travel at the time of your departure. It may not provide coverage for travel bans, quarantine, or fear of travel. Be sure to carefully read the policy coverage for details. There are many companies offering "cancel for any reason" travel insurance. Please review their policies so you fully understand what is covered before purchasing.
  • As you evaluate future stays, we encourage you to review local travel recommendations and restrictions, in addition to following guidance from the CDC.

State COVID-19 Advisories & Resources